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What is Zenit?

We are the private investigation consultancy formed by enabled private Detectives providing exclusive decisive solutions in research to business groups, pyme, law firms, insurance companies, mutual companies and individuals, giving added value to the service and providing suitable information and documents.

Ratification in judicial proceedings
Bring forward information and valid evidences
National and international researches

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Risk Consultancy

Define the risk and know it is the key to the correct form of decisions. We apply our techniques, processes and analytical methodologies for the evaluation of risks in any scenario, detecting irregularities.

We offer you SOLUTIONS in:

  • Corporate intelligence Decisive methodology for the address of the company allowing them to take the strategically suitable decision, analyzing the environment.
  • Prevention and research of the fraud We detect, prevent and eradicate any kind of fraud in the business, corporate or labor area.
  • Strategic competitive intelligence Analytical developed technique (skill) concerning to customers, competitors, new markets, suppliers, strategic partners or employees.
  • Compliance Diagnosis, evaluation and management of reputational risks of the company. We evaluate the normative fulfillment of the company, consolidating our position as a necessary partner.

Law firm

Litigation support

We provide help and cooperation obtaining lawful evidence, giving support to he lawyer in the judicial procedures. We provide SOLUTIONS to law firms in the field of Commercial , Labour, Criminal and Civil law.



We provide SOLUTIONS to the litigations between individuals providing exclusive reports

Research we do:

  • Infidelity
  • Modification of regulatory agreement in separation and divorce
  • Locations - search for people
  • Locations of goods
  • Patrimonial reports, of solvency, pre - embargo
  • Reports concerning the law of Urban leases
  • Reports on conduct and morality
  • Addiction, obsession, compulsive gambling, fanaticism and sects
  • Premarital reports
  • Inheritance
  • Control of the minors' activity
  • Doubtful behavior

Insurance companies

We are able to detect, fight and eradicate the fraud in the Insurance Companies.

  • Specialists in verification of sequels.
  • Traffic accidents reconstruction experts.
  • Professional experts in fires investigation.
  • Specialists in investigation of thefts.
  • Specialists in claims research.

We provide:

  • Research report Signed and ratified in the courts by the Detective (s) Private (s) responsible for of the Investigation.
  • Expert report Traffic accidents reconstruction expert report:signed and ratified in the courts by the responsible Expert.
    Expert report in fires investigation:signed and ratified in the courts by the responsible Expert.

Security solutions

  • Hidden cameras (S.O.) systems installations Destined to the prevention, detection of robberies and thefts, and identification of the authorship providing suitable evidences.
  • Electronic sweeps (B.E.) Shielding of its facilities, as well as the location of devices of audio systems and hidden video.


Multidisciplinary exclusive Department that provides technology, software and expert solutions, focused to solving the needs of our customers in the area of the corporate safety, software security and expertise.

Technological solutions

  • Computer security (S.I.) Analysis of vulnerabilities in the systems of the company.
    Segmentation of systems policy to safeguard the information of the company.
  • Computer forensic investigations (I.I.F.) & computer forensic expertise (P.I.F.) Research in all types of electronic and digital means to obtain and provide information and evidences about behavior, private mades and pursued offences to Part instance. Applicable for layoffs, computer sabotage, leakage of information, feigned time off work, job duplication, Internet browsing, use corporate e-mal, control access...
  • We provide expert report Report Expert computer: signed and ratified in the courts by the Expert. Responsible for computer.

Solutions in expert calligraphic

  • We provide Expert Report Expertise calligraphic report: signed and ratified in the courts by the Expert Calligraphic responsible.

Expert analysis we perform


We. Legislation and training.

The profession of Private Detective in Spain is regulated by the law 5/2014, 4 of April of Private Security and its development Regulation.

Private Detectives enabled with Official Licenses issued by the Interior Ministry through the General Directorate of police.

Official Licenses of the founding partners: 1387 and 1873.


  • Graduates in Law from Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Master in Juridical Practice from the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • University experts in private Detective by the following universities: Complutense University of Madrid, University of Alicante, University CEU San Paul, C.I.S.E. University of Salamanca.
  • Judicial Experts in the reconstruction of traffic accidents (U.N.E.D.)
  • Diploma of professional expert in fires investigation (U.N.E.D.)
  • Expert in Judicial Expert's reports and computer (IT) Law by the University distantly of Madrid, ( U.D.I.M.A)
  • Certificate of professionalism in security Informatics IFCT0109.
  • Judicial Expert in computer security by the National Association of legal Experts of the Kingdom of Spain, ASPEJURE.
  • Computer Judicial Expert for the National Association os Appraisers and Expert Judicial computer, ANTPJI.
  • Computer Judicial Expert from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • Certification of Digital Forensic Researcher for the Latin-American Network of Informatics Forensic.
  • Expert Calligraphics.


  • Honorific mention type B granted by the General Directorate of the Police for the professional activity development.

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Certificate and accreditations

  • "CERT" certificate of the Ministry of industry as experts in Computer Security.

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